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It is our joy and enthusiasm to share with those who wish so, in an energy of warmth, respect, joy and simplicity, another viewpoint on existence, based on the evidence of unity and fulfilment on all levels. In this approach, Love and Devotion towards Being, the source of all, and integration of this love in all aspects of daily life, are the motor, the source of fulfilment and fulfilment itself.

We therefore regularly offer, in Eourres or in other locations in Europe, Light Gatherings whose central theme is an invitation to live Unity daily, a life established in silence, simplicity en devotion to Being, the Source of everything.

We also offer individual accompaniment, helping you to settle full within your own essence, unfolding your potentials, rediscovering the concrete évidence where everything is possible for those who say YES to their own greatness. Dare to live fully, the pure beauty of Being in all aspects of your daily life.



 To love Being, to be Light  

"Love Being. To be Light is a life of devotion. The most ultimate service, this service which is Life, is service towards Being. Adore Being, love Being in the same way you adored the Divine in His personal form in your temples or churches. The orientation of these gatherings is meant as an hommage to life in its Unity, in deep simplicity and joy, a life focused around what is Essential. To be Light, in the simplicity and fulfilment of those who know that they are the Whole. It is not about therapies, it is also not only to offer healings to individual wounds, whether new or old.  

The time has come of the true healing, that one which allows to honor one’s status of Divine Being. It is not only about experiences. The time has come for unconditional devotion towards light."

The Friend, 25 july 2005

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