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The Gatherings










We are happy to invite you to share with us regularly, weekends or weeks of Light, silence, friendship and joy. Share with us the power, the beauty and Unity of a group focused around the essential.  The program for these gatherings, while left  for a great part  to the inspiration of the moment,  include moments of silence and meditation, contacts and communications with nature if the surroundings allow to do so, group sessions of healing radiance, light sessions, celebrations from traditional India, singing, dance….


Whatever the specific theme, those gathering remain centered on life shared in Unity and simplicity.


In harmony with our life intention, and with the intention to accompany the deep transition taking place in the whole of mankind and of the earth, most of our gatherings are centered around the theme of Ascension. Beyond the concepts often spread on this subject, our view point about Ascension goes beyond time and space. Ascension is the logical fulfilment of Unity ; then the realisation of consciousness as the whole, and the whole of creation, is integrated in the physiology, and the cells remember being Light. The density of the body is then transmuted into light, and all the limits connected to the density of the third dimension are replaced by the freedom and the access of all possibilities connected to the fifth dimension or the higher ones. Sessions on the Chair of Light, and the accompaniment offered by the Guardians of the Flame (a group of Ascended Beings, amongst whom are Mary, St Germain, Serapis Bay and 6 others), are the core of those gatherings.


This accompaniment is  taking place within continuity, and the texts which are received have been published in the 3 volumes of the books « JE SUIS », and continue to be published in the books « La Voie Sacrée », in Anandamath Editions. La Voie Sacrée, the Sacred Path, is the natural evolution of this accompaniment. We include a message giving a glimpse of this invitation, which we receive as deeply inspiring.


During gatherings of 1 week in summer or in winter, we also offer workshops on the cleansing of cellular memories. These workshops offer a procedure based on Divine Grace, whose primary intention is to find the memory of Unity and of the cosmic value of the human physiology. This implies the transmutation of the suffering memories engrained in cells and organs. The procedure applies to individual memories, hereditary ones, and collective ones. 

Possibility of translation in english and dutch.

Come and enjoy an heavenly and evolutionary experience

in one of the most beautiful natural settings in France...

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