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The Chair of Ascensional Light




We had the good fortune to be instrumental in the construction, under direct inspiration of the Guardians of the Flame, for a series of 5 Chairs of Ascensional Light.  After their construction, the energy of these Chairs was cleansed and raised, then they were initiated by the guardians of the Flame. We feel that these chairs are a unique gift from the world of light. They have a deep healing value and allow    the process of cellular acceleration to take place. We offer the opportunity, either during or out of the context of our gatherings, to do sessions with one of these Chairs. The other 4 are in Light Centers working in connection with Anandamath.


« Thanks to its design and to our attention, the chair of Ascensional Light has the opportunity to raise the vibratory level of the body as a whole. This allows one to make gigantic leaps in the integration of the Essence of Life.»

The Guardians of the Flame



A Session with the Chair of Ascensional Light


All materials have the potential to accelerate growth of the state of consciousness and to re-establish, to raise or to maintain the contact with the Source. The Chair of Ascensional Light does this by excellence, since it raises and accelerates the vibration of the atoms. The whole system becomes filled with light, and in this way  our entire system remembers its original state of perfection. In this manner, blocks or imperfections can melt ; this brings relief or healing from health problems,  the  benefits of greater vitality and fulfilment, less friction, more refined perceptions,   from a higher state of consciousness.


The length of a session is approximately one to one and a half hours. It consists of a preparation, followed by a period of half an hour in the Chair, and afterwards a period of rest and post treatment. A session in the chair is an outstanding experience.


This  quote from a Friend explains to us the function of this Chair, and the help it can bring to us.

"The vibratory acceleration on the level of the cells plays an important role in this process which we call ascension. Matter goes in a transition state from dense to light, from heavy to luminous. The Chair of Ascensional Light is a bridge between the dense octave and the octaves of Light. It is an open door to the light, and through it your brothers of Light help you to undo the knots which hold you and to find back your place in this family of immortals which in its origin was the human race. Light is immortal, and your bodies are light. It accelerates the vibrations of the particles of our bodies, allows them to get rid of what encombers them and to rediscover their fluidity, invincibility and immortality. The eternal wisdom is engrained in your cells. The Chair of Ascensional Light is here to help you, Love of Being remains the driving force."

The Friend






« Every session with the chair is a bath of Light. During the session, the contact and communication with the 5th dimension and the Ascended Brothers is very deep and beautiful. Cellular acceleration is very tangible, and the feeling of Light in the cells and the organs is very intense. The process continues and becomes integrated between two sessions. I feel a huge gratitude.» AM


« When I am on the Chair, I feel I am in the hands of God » EK



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