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Klaas and Agnès are united by the same passion... Many years spent in deep meditation, enlivenend in them both a very deep love of Being, the source of all. This reality which goes beyond all traditions is their goal.  


This love is the motor behind all of the activities within Anandamath.


From within silence, both, in their own unique way, contribute to Anandamath's richness.


Agnès' approach is more subjective. Love for Silence and Source, opened in her a deep intuition and the ability to perceive the finer levels of creation. From within this silence, her ability to listen, allows her to be a voice for dimensions of light giving an unique character to the attributions offered by Anandamath. Agnès loves to share the evidence of there being no separation and that from the viewpoint of Unity, all living Beings, whatever its reign, or the plan in which it evolves is member of a huge Fraternity, the one of Life.. On the most fundamental level, each being in this fraternity is offered to being, to Silence, to the Source, and this practical devotion is concretely changing one's relation with incarnation. 


Klaas's apprach is more objective. Thanks to his unique relationship with the physical laws of creation, his practical intuition and his love for the unified field based technologies, which allow Anandamath to make available many new technologies, helping each individual to bring harmony back in each area of his daily life. For example instruments of eternal light, the Chair of Light, Tachyon technology etc...


Helping you to rediscover the art of incarnated life creates deep enthusiasm within them both.



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